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Andrew James Halogen Oven

 This Andrew James Halogen Oven is a must have. I bought this  item when I went to visit one of my friends. I had heard about it and seen pictures and videos. But when I saw her putting chicken wings, which she had marinated I was blown away. We had only been in the house for 15 minutes and she was already dishing out the food.

The oven is digital, (comes with accessories) and has a function where you just press the button and shows an estimation of how long it should cook for, usually 30 minutes max. The temperature is also preset and it cooks and browns the meat in the time specified.You can increase the time if you prefer, although some foods cook and are ready to serve in less time than predicted.

I recommend this gadget to every woman because I know that cooking food takes time and if you are like me, you do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen waiting for the food to cook.

I have seen this gadget on TV and thought “oh there goes another glorified product.” But this lives up to it’s reputation and I wish I had bought it years back. There are a lot of things I could have done with the spare time I would have had, because, cooking ( a chore) would have not taken so long. Please don’t get me wrong. I love cooking, love love making my own food. But it takes too much time especially when you have to brown the meat then put it in the oven so it cooks in the middle. My oven takes over an hour and when you have guests it can be quite embarrassing, as you have to keep going back and forth to the kitchen to make sure the food is thoroughly cooked. There are many ways you can use it including, baking, roasting, toasting and stewing. It cooks much faster than the normal convection stove or microwave and is a good investment.

I will post some of my favorite recipes that make food enjoyable, which I make using the halogen oven.

Do not wait any longer. Make cooking times a favorite in your household. Get yourself the Halogen Oven and spend more time with your loved ones.

Andrew James 12 LTR Premium Black Digital Halogen Oven Cooker With Hinged Lid + Easily Replaceable Spare Bulb + 2 YEAR WARRANTY + 128 page Recipe Book – Complete with Extender Ring (Up to 17 Litres), Cake/Rice Dish, Toast Rack, Baking Tray, Steamer Tray, Skewers, High And Low Racks 1400 Watts

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