Homemade Profiteroles


These beautiful  light and fluffy profiteroles are a hit with the kids or perfect for a dinner party. Why not surprise your family with a delicious easy to make dessert. You can add ice-cream and dip them in chocolate or your own favorite topping.

Here is how to make them:

Flour                                           1 cup

Butter                                        100g

Sugar                                         1tsp

Salt                                            1/2 tsp

Egg                                             4

Water                                     1 cup


1. Preheat oven to 190 degrees and I used my Halogen Oven so this is the same.

2. In  a deep heavy pan melt butter. Add sugar, salt, water and bring to boil.

3. Add the flour and cook. Stir until the flour is completely saturated and is a looking like a thick dough.

4. Move the dough into a mixing bowl and beat, adding one egg at a time. You should have a viscous thick pasty dough.

5. Using a piping nozzle, pipe small droplets with a tail on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Try and make them as round as possible.

6. Moisten your finger with water and lightly press the tails on the profiteroles to get more rounded shapes.

7. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes then reduce the heat 180 degrees for another 15-20 minutes depending on the size of the profiteroles. Do not open the oven door until they have risen and are golden.

8. If you are using the halogen oven bake the profiteroles on the top shelf for 30 minutes at 190 degrees until they are golden brown.

10. Once they are golden brown cool them and cut in half and fill them with either ice-cream or just cream. Cover with the top half and dip them in syrup or chocolate. You can personalize them to suit your needs.


Profiteroles filled with ice-cream and drizzled with Chocolate


Profiteroles covered completely with Chocolate


Profiteroles with Cream and Orange Dust


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