Charity Mashonganyika Enterprenure
Charity Mashonganyika Entrepreneur

Welcome to my site.

I created this blog so I can share with you some of the interesting things that I do in the hope that you can see them and  if anything interests you then we can share it together.  I am a mother of 3 and enjoy spending time with my children. They inspire me and you will see some of that in my blogs. I will be updating this blog regularly and so feel free to look around and subscribe and also comment on any topic. You can ask questions and leave suggestions.

Here is what motivates me:

I believe in hard work that pays. In life if you want to achieve a goal you have to work for it. The harder you work the greater the results. I like to interact with people who believe in achieving and seeing results.

Waiting for opportunities to come to you only leaves you waiting and no results.

Going after opportunities pays you great. Rewards are given to the effort you put in. This is my goal in life, to be a high achiever. Once that foundation is set you will then see endless profits rolling in while you take the well deserved vacation. Never sleep until you know it’s right. By Charity Mashonganyika


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