Man found living in a skip behind Morrisons in Blackpool claims he is Luis Suarez’s brother.

Is this for real??? How many would believe this guy straight up? He looks like Suarez though.

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Reports are coming through that this man claims to be Suarez’s older brother and goes by the name of Donald Suarez.

Security at the Morrisons

store approached the man because of rustling noises coming from a skip Thursday evening.

After removing him a security guard mentioned Suarez as he looked like the Ex Liverpool striker then the funny foreigner replied “yes yes Suarez he ma brother my name is Donald Suarez, Luis left me here after fight” in a foreign accent.

Security asked the scruffy man for ID but he couldn’t prove he was related Suarez.

The story released initially on Redditt then shockwaves accross Facebook and is said to be run in the Daily Mirror Saturday morning.leaflet (1)

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